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The World's Perfect Self Publishing Business Removed from this Package Jimmy Krug
"The Jimmy Krug Report" Archives (Removed) Jim Erskine
"How to Perform Certified Copywrite Searches" David Vallieres
"How to Profit from Public Domain Information" David Vallieres
Vol. 1 No.1 thru No.10 of the Public Domain Report
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David Vallieres
"QUICK REFERENCE: Public Domain Criteria" David Vallieres
David Cosby
Local Public Domain Profits No Longer Available

The World's Perfect Self Publishing Business

This ebook is a report of one man's journeys into the publication business with a unique twist. He makes his fortune with small publications such as booklets. There's a lot of great tips and the possiblities for crossover are very evident. I mean the crossover from electronic printing to offline small publications. Very Interesting and educational read!

"The Jimmy Krug Report" Archives

This is a html document that summarizes and organizes about 18 information packed newsletters. Again a great source of information if your considering creating products for publication!

"How to Perform Certified Copywrite Searches"

Copywrite searches, the who, why, what and how. When and how should you perform copywrite searches yourself? When should you pay the copywrite office to do the search and certify it? How do you certify a search? A thousand questions :) This is a basic guide to help you get started and keep you out of trouble and within legal limits. Its a must have!

"How to Profit from Public Domain Information"
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He starts off with a story on how a man created a billion dollar empire with Public Domain. You'll find an explaination of public domain, tools, stories, and how to's. If this doesn't get you excited about public domain and the possiblites, then you're not alive! Any true entrepeneur will marvel and get lost in the possibilites! A great guide to read as a getting started, lots of tips.

When I owned a large construction business, I found myself thinking and saying, "if we didn't have to pay for our products and labor costs, we'd be doing really good!" Of course I was joking, however, with public domain, somebody did the work, its there to for you to use and create a product with. The hard costs are next to nothing! A great way to start if you're broke :)

Vol. 1 No.1 thru No.5 of the Public Domain Report

These are newsletter type reports on all different aspects of public domain. The reports are up to 5 pages and jam packed with information. "A weekly Insider's Guide to Tapping into, Repackaging, and Republishing the Vast Treasure of Holdings of US Public Domain Information and Other Creative Works for Profit"----Need I say More!

"QUICK REFERENCE: Public Domain Criteria"

Everyone always asks, "Whats Public Domain?" How do I know if its Public Domain? Well this quick guide will guide and direct you as to what is and what isn't. A must have if you're considering working with Public Domain.


This is a report based on an interview regarding small publications, many great tips and insights on what, how and where to publish small publications. Applicable to PD material as well.

Before we begin, I’d like to tell our listening audience how thrilled I am to be in this Round-Table discussion with three of most interesting people I’ve had the privilege of meeting in a very long
time. First, we have Jimmy Krug, the author of Car Buying Secrets and several other booklets.
Jimmy’s sold over one million of what he calls his – “Simple Publications.”

This is how it starts ---->David Cosby: I’m going to get right to the point, guys. How do you make money with booklets and special reports?

Local Public Domain Profits

No Longer Available

No Longer Part of this Package

This package includes all the original Public Domain Reports from David Vallieres---plus 4 other reports and books regarding publication and public domain. Remember you'll be getting these additional materials:

  • The World's Perfect Self Publishing Business
  • "The Jimmy Krug Report" Archives  Removed from Package
  • Local Public Domain Profits  Removed from Package by Request
  • "How to Perform Certified Copywrite Searches" ----Vallieres extra report
  • "How to Profit from Public Domain Information" ----Vallieres extra report
  • "QUICK REFERENCE: Public Domain Criteria" ----Vallieres extra report

These combined bonus reports are worth well over $200.00. The orginial cost for the David Vallieres "Public Domain Reports" was $149.00. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by telling you "what I could sell this for, but won't".

I'll allow you to pick up this package for $54.47

Please remember, I could at any moment sell these products seperately! That's not some motivational threat, just a smart use of my assests.

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