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Editing a Custom Xsitepro Website Template

This is a custom template designed for Xsitepro version 2. At first glance it is impossible to tell that this website and these webpages were designed using a template with Xsitepro.

The following pages describe how to edit the template and what changes were made to get to this point.

Follow the links in the Site Navigation to find out more about editing this template.

Xsitepro is a great way to build and manage websites. Check out this Xsitepro webinar free of charge.

Another way to increase your ability to design websites and control traffic to your website is to use or incorporate a wordpress blog to your site. Although Xsitepro websites are typically static sites, there is much you can do with them and there are circumstances that you can't build a website without a static site.

However, wordpress blogs is one way to really get your website jumping and the visitors flowing in....lot's of website traffic...means more sales and that means more cash in your pocket. So, most people will simply add a wordpress blog to their site, picking a them that is as close to possible as their website.

There's an obvious difference between the xsitepro static site and the wordpress site. Unfortunately, it can cost a considerable sum to have someone custom design an xsitepro template that matches exactly the wordpress blog template. However, I have just read a course and viewed the videos of a course called XsiteprotoWordpress awesome tutorial on creating seamless wordpress and xsitepro websites. Even the navigation colums are the same and link back and forth.

I highly recommend getting XsiteprotoWordpress if you want to add a blog to your Xsitepro website. If you'd like to have one done, you can contact me and I will create a custom xsitepro template with a matching wordpress blog.

Click here to contact me for either a custom Xsitepro template or a Custom Matching Wordpress Blog Theme.

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